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Darren has been a professional magician for over 18 years. Performing magic is not just his full time job, it’s his whole life! He is based in Lytham St Anne’s in the North West but as a busy professional he regularly travels across the UK and internationally to perform at various weddings, parties and Corporate events.

Darren worked for 10 years at J.B.Magic, which was Europe’s largest magic shop. During this time Darren performed magic for dozens of people everyday, something which most professional magicians never get the chance to do. This gave Darren the opportunity to gain a vast knowledge of magic and entertainment.

Darren performs highly entertaining and skilful sleight of hand magic, NOT just ‘tricks’.

His unique combination of comedy and magic is adaptable to any situation and can blend in no matter what the occasion. Darren Performs magic with cards, coins, rope, money, mind reading and even borrowed objects!

When you book Darren to entertain at your next event you can rest assured you are hiring an experienced entertainer, not just a magician.

Wedding Magician

Congratulations! You’re getting married. Now to plan your perfect wedding.

Darren is the ultimate wedding guest!

With his hilarious sleight of hand magic Darren entertains at hundreds of weddings across the UK each year. From the very beginning he will make it his aim and pleasure to enhance your whole wedding day.

Every couple wants something different and original for there wedding day. Having Darren perform at your wedding can make a big difference. Not only will it transform your wedding into a more memorable and special occasion but it can also set your wedding apart from others.

With two different families and lots of friends people don’t always know each other. Surprise your guests and help them relax and enjoy your big day by having Darren perform stunning magic inches away from them. They will gasp, laugh and clap as they enjoy your spectacular wedding day.

Playing cards change in their hands, coloured sponge balls vanish and appear and a special trick just for the bride and groom, which leaves them with a magical souvenir!


This is usually the time most people will admit is the most boring part of a wedding. Standing (or sitting) around waiting to be photographed. Darren can astound your guests to leave them amazed and wanting more, while the photographer works his magic. This really helps to put a smile on peoples faces and creates great photo opportunities.

Wedding Breakfast

Darren’s magic blends in perfectly during the wedding breakfast. Going from table to table performing a mini magic show in between courses Darren can really generate a fun and exciting atmosphere. Watch out for the show-stopping card in Lime!

Evening function

Early evening as your extra guests start to arrive Darren can mingle performing his unbelievable magic creating an atmosphere of excitement and encouraging everyone to laugh, clap and have fun. This works best just before the first dance and buffet.

Give your guests a diverse experience and one they will remember forever.

Iconic Moments Photography have worked alongside Darren at a number of weddings over the last few years, Darren gets better and better every time we see him and the guests get more and more amazed.  First Class.





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